An Honest Xstream Synthetic Urine Review for 2021

I may be a party person, but the love I behold for my job is quite evident. My friends think I am quite balanced with the way I handle my private and professional life. Yes, I love socializing with both friends and family, this I do over the weekends. If there’s a lesson I once learned, is to never let your guard down at the things that really matter, my job matters and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

At one point we had a cousins’ get together at my place, we ate some nice servings, and afterward, we took some wine just to unwind. It wasn’t long before we had some whiskey, and before we knew it, we were popping bottles at a club.

It was an awesome night, and even though the thoughts of my rapid urine test on Monday kept hovering in my mind, I was confident that I would spend the day detoxifying on Sunday and come to the d-day, I’d be squeaky clean. At 7 am on Sunday, we were done partying, and I went back home to rest and nurse my hangover. If I can remember well, it was an atmosphere of fine high, with weed cookies and all that.

Another thing I also remember is I mentioning my urine test to my closest cousin, and she recommended that I not only drink plenty of water to sober up, I should also have a ready substitute that will improve my chances of passing my urine test and retaining my job.

She spoke of X-Stream synthetic urine and suggested that I try it. Of course, the thought of synthetic urine baffled my mind, and I wasn’t going to settle on such an alternative without a doubt. But my cousin reassured me by telling me it was my only sure hope, she’d been there, done it and never has she failed a rapid urine test.

On hearing about X-Stream Urine, I took to my phone for a quick search about the product.

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What is Xstream Urine?

laboratory urinalysisSynthetic urine like X-Stream is manufactured with components that mimic those in fresh human pee. Fake pee was initially planned as a quick measure to save on costs for testing equipment manufacturers. It gained ground as a more specific product sold for equipment and machine tests until some folks took to the lab and realized that it could be used to pass urine tests.

It has been decades since the first synthetic urine kit was first used, and as of now there are plenty more manufactures in the market each possessing a brand of its own. It sounded like a good idea; I didn’t really have to give my real pee for screening and still run the risk of losing my job. A fake alternative that’s clean is what I needed, so X-Stream Synthetic urine got some few thumbs up from me.

Can I really trust X-Stream Synthetic pee to work?

My cousin is one person that verbally testified to using X-Stream fake pee. She was very confident in the product and assured me of its 99.9 % effective use. The 0.1% chance is if I don’t use the product as directed.

X-Stream Synthetic urine comprises of a manufactured urine kit that is carefully sealed and sold to pass urine tests. None of it should be consumed so there’s little worry on getting notifications of substance poisoning through X-stream synthetic urine consumption.

The kit comes with a bottle that contains the synthetic. On the bottle, there is a temperature gauge that gives you an indication of how warm this urine should be for it to mimic human pee, which usually has a certain degree of warmth. Excretions such as urea undergo various oxidative reactions which often result in heat and water being generated, again, humans being warm-blooded only means that anything being emitted from the body would have some degree of heat.

Right before the actual urine test, use an appropriate warming machine such as a microwave to heat the xstream synthetic urine bottle and ensure that its temperature range is anywhere between 98°F to 102°F. Keep it warm until you hand the sample for testing. Most proctors use a digital temperature reader to check on the sample temperatures. Any temperatures above or below the range would be a quick indicator of fake pee.

What are the ingredients in X-Stream Pee?

If a product should mimic human pee, then it automatically means that it must have a certain amount of similar chemicals and components. Human pee contains uric acid, urea, amino acids, proteins, and creatinine; these components are also contained in X-Stream fake pee. One way to know that all these components are in X-stream synthetic urine is its strong funky, urine-like smell that is emitted.

Xstream Urine Near Me?

In a ready market smarmed with various scam synthetic urine brands, it’s no doubt that for you to have a genuine xstream synthetic urine kit is to buy it from a verified seller. 3 oz bottle of X-Stream urine can cost you $20. However, the same product can be gotten for less at other acclaimed retail stores, but we can never really vouch for these products. The favorable way is to buy it from an X-Stream synthetic urine store; this will save you the chances of having to lose your little investment, failing your urine test, and losing your job as well.

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The idea of buying best fake urine may have come as a shocker for me, but it resorted to be my final hope for passing the random urine test. Before I tried X-Stream urine, I used lengthy detox methods and sometimes had to stay sober at parties before my urine tests. I have used X-Stream urine a couple of times, and for sure, I have always had a negative urine test.

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