Why Urine Drug Testing is Popular in Many Companies

Have you ever wondered why drug test is such a popular topic in many companies? Well, there has been a lot of misconception about drug tests. Some people believe that drug tests are done because of a lack of trust between the employer and the employees. On the other hand, entrepreneurs believe that it is all about protecting the status of their business. The truth is that the reasons for drug tests are more expansive than you realize.

There are several reasons why many companies are now days very keen to put their potential employees through a serious urine test. Some of those reasons include protection, safety, legal, and even ethical urge to do what is considered right by society. This segment explores some of the reasons why urine testing is quite remarkable to the success of any business.

Safety for All

Employers test for drugs during urine tests. What they are looking for is someone who is drug-free and therefore would not endanger their own lives or even that of those people around them. We all know that when people are under the influence of drugs, they are bound to do things that can be harmful. Since employers do not want situations where their customers are injured or poorly treated by someone under the influence, they have made urine test a must.

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Avoid Lawsuits

Another reason why employers are keen not to employ drug addicts is that they want to avoid lawsuits. If anyone is hurt because of action from an employee, an investigation will be conducted. The next thing is the business will be sued for being negligent. In this case, you will notice that it is not the employee who will suffer but the company. This makes it necessary for any employer to run a drug test before recruiting.

Being Part of the Society

The society believes that drug and substance abuse is an abomination. Since companies rely on society to do their business, they will always do everything possible to ensure that there is a good relationship between them and the community around.

Like we already know, the community has taken arms up ready to face the menace of drug abuse. Some of the measures taken by the society include condemning those who engage in drug abuse. As such, employers feel the obligation of lending a helping hand in the war against drug abuse. They make sure that everyone knows that drug taste is done in their companies.

Protecting the Company’s Reputation

The reputation is very critical when it comes to the success of any business. If for instance, there is a lawsuit because somebody got hurt when being attended by a drunken employee, the reputation will be soiled. Such undesirable scenarios will ruin the profit margin of the company in question. So one of the measures employed by many companies is ensuring that they do not employee drug addicts.

Increasing Productivity

There could be scenarios where drug abuse might not result in accident or injuries. However, it will lead to a reduction in production. That is the last thing that any entrepreneur would want to experience when running their business.

Research has shown that illegal narcotics and other substance abuse have numerous effects on the brain. In some situations, using the drug could mean the user switching off completely and this affects the employee’s performance. This is one of the main encouragements why employers are keen when it comes to checking on drug and substances abuse.

Help Drug Users

If employees are addicted to using a particular drug, there are chances that they need help. The problem with many drug addicts is that they will never come out openly and say that they need help. One of the reasons why this is the case is that they think that if they do so, they will be kicked out. The welfare of the employees concerns some companies. As a result, they are committed to carrying out a urine test regularly to see if there are people who need help and arrange rehabilitation for them.

Avoid Heavy Cost

Proper management of the company’s finances is another reason why drug test is viral in many companies. One might wonder how a drug test is related to avoiding huge costs of running a company. Well, they want to make sure that the expenses and medical costs are kept as low as possible. If for instance, a business is paying for health insurance, it is likely to cost them a fortune. The situation can even be worse if they employ people who are drug addicts.

Ways in Which Employees Cheat Drug Test

While employers are looking for ways to avoid drug addict employees, some employees develop methods to get themselves off the hook. Several ways have been used in the past to influence the outcome of a drug test. Some of these techniques are more effective when the urine is used as the main specimen. They include;

Diluting Urine Samples

Some people will drink a lot of water and fluids before the testing period. This is likely to dilute the specimen and therefore diminish the chances of detecting any use of drugs. Another way of diluting the specimen is by adding water directly. The best way is to use the best synthetic urine (check the brands we recommend).

Substituting of Urine Samples

Some people cheat during drug tests by substituting the urine samples. This happens when they submit urine samples that did not come from their bodies for the test.

A lot of technologies have been devised to enhance this method of cheating. One of them is the manufacture of fake urine.

Delaying the Test

Another standard method of cheating in urine test is delaying the test to make it possible for some of the substances to disappear from the body or utilizing one of the leading synthetic urine. However, for this technique to become successful, many factors come into play. Some of them include body weight, age, height, metabolism, and family history.

Lastly, some opt for body detox methods that entail making use of different body detox products. If you resolve to detoxify your body, then you must ensure that you buy your product from a reputable outlet.