Urine Luck Review – Top Urine Additive on the Market

Getting a good and well-paying job comes with so many sacrifices, obligations, and tests. While the former two may be easy to achieve, the last depends on how fit you are to qualify for the job both physically and mentally.

Speaking of tests, many companies look beyond the resume and CV as they shortlist their prospect employees they rely on both physical and mental examinations to determine if a person is all-around qualified. One such test is the urine test often used by many companies. They use urine because it contains metabolism by-products of what is mostly consumed or contained in the body.

urine luck additiveAs you plan to get your urine test, remember that if you know you are not “clean”, it can sell you out on that important job you have been eyeing for so long. You have also come so far to back down and bail on this test, so what then is the last-minute solution to hold onto? Worry not, for your salvation lies in Urine Luck, a tried and proven detoxifying agent.

What is Urine Luck?

A detoxifying agent by nature, Spectrum Labs brands Urine Luck under the additives group best formulated for the sole purpose of helping you pass drug tests, especially those that use urine.

The reason why Urine Luck is quite effective is that it doesn’t substitute your urine sample; instead, it works by removing all drug traces once added to the sample. With this in mind, there’s more reason to use an additive like Urine Luck to pass a urine test.

The chemicals contained in Urine Luck solution work through combing with the drug compounds present in your urine sample to neutralize and completely remove these traces. This detoxifying agent is formulated to work with tobacco, alcohol, and other likened toxins. The Urine Luck kit comes in a miniature dose carefully retained in two concealed vessels.

How to use Urine Luck

Using Urine Luck is very simple, and you hardly need any help from a medical practitioner. Its chemical reactions are also very fast acting and effective. For best chances at negative results, mix Urine Luck in your urine sample.

Do this before the actual test and wait for at least 90 minutes for the required chemical reactions to take effect and neutralize every drug traces in your urine.

Once mixed with a urine sample, Urine Luck detoxifying agent takes to work immediately, nonetheless best negative results are achieved when you allow the mixture some time to react and neutralize.

Urine Luck requires no urine sample preparation, whereas the additive that is contained in the two concealed vessels qualifies it as the best urine detoxifying kit for a random and untimely drug test.

Is Urine Luck effective?

Spectrum labs remain confident about the effective nature of Urine Luck, stating that users must adhere to its correct usage to enjoy a 99.6% chance at negative urine test results.

Other factors that may affect your test result would be the amount of water you drunk before the test, how long your urine sample and Urine Luck have been in contact or if you use the specific drug compound on a daily basis. One thing to note is that Urine Luck works more effectively with tests that rely on the GC-MS or Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry drug detection method.

With this method, the test instantly detects if the drug compounds have been changed, thus giving a negative test result. Looking at its mechanism of action, users should avoid using Urine Luck on fast-acting and imprecise drug screens. For these tests, one may opt for a good quality synthetic urine kit such as Quick Fix Plus.

What are the Contents of Urine Luck?

As stated by Spectrum Labs (manufacturer of Quick fix synthetic urine)Urine Luck does not contain any harmful compounds such as nitrates, acids, glutaraldehyde, or pyridine. The components are those that chemically aid in its uses as a pure detoxifying agent. Urine Luck is also made for external purposes mostly on urine samples, and none of it should be orally consumed or applied on the skin.

How much does Urine Luck cost?

Urine Luck prices both in online stores as well as various selected retail stores can cost you an average of $29.95-35.00. All urine luck kits are manufactured specifically by Spectrum Labs in one factory size and come in two small vessels and can effectively cleanse through a urine sample containing approximately 60ml – 90ml.

As you prepare to purchase your Urine Luck kit be cautioned that any Urine Luck product by a different manufacturer is not part of our additives brand.

urine luck reviewWhy would anyone spend that much money on Urine Luck and skip a cheaper synthetic urine cleanser? Come to think of it; you may have shopped around the market and come across other urine tests which promise similar effective results for less. Well, as compared to switching your urine sample with another and having to worry about the chances of the acquired sample testing positive, urine Luck allows you to use your pee assuredly.

Where Can One Buy Urine Luck?

Urine Luck kit is a genuine detoxifying agent that has passed various certifications and chemical standards. You can buy it from various online retail shops whose prices are favorably lower than the average market price and with such a price cut, one may be tempted to buy these sham products from unreliable third parties. The best option that remains is to only trust the official Spectrum Labs store for a purchase option that’s worth the price tag.


Made by a universally trusted manufacturer, Urine Luck remains the best option for a guaranteed negative urine test. Fake pee and other synthetic additives can come as a cheaper alternative. None can dispute the accuracy and effectiveness delivered by Urine Luck.

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