Urine Drug Test Facts that You Should Know

Drug test also known as drug screening has become a scary topic to job seekers and athletes. Technically, it involves analysis of biological specimen from the human body such as urine, blood, hair, saliva and even sweat to detect any use of illicit parent drug. The most prevalent one being the urine drug test.

The drugs you used with your friends while partying can actually deny you that opportunity that you have been praying for. Different drug tests can be used to detect the drug in your system, and that is how your potential employer will bid you goodbye. This is what makes drug testing a nightmare for many people who use different drugs for reasons known to them.

Why Urine Drug Test?

If you are having a job interview that is coming fast, then it will be wise to learn  about urinalysis. This is because the urine drug test is the one that many employers use when they have a post that does not require a drug user. The more learn about the urine drug test, the higher the chances of you passing the test.

Always remember that information is power and once you have it, success becomes inevitable in whatever that you want to achieve.

To realize the importance of focusing on urinalysis, you need to pay attention to this fact; 90% of the drug tests that were carried out in the year 2018 were urine tests. This makes this form of drug test a gold standard as far as drug testing is concerned.

You might be wondering why the above phenomenon is prevalent? Well, the reason why urinalysis is very common is that by the time one goes for a test, most part of the drug is already metabolized, and this makes it easier to detect it.urine lab

Can you Pass a Urine Test if You are Drug User?

This is probably the part that you are looking for. In this world, there is nothing impossible other than that that requires supernatural interventions like for instance resurrecting a dead person. So the answer obviously is yes. You can pass a urine test even if you are a typical user of the drug that is being sought after. It all depends on how you are going to play your cards.

Body Detox

There are several tricks that you can use to pass the test. First, you can resolve to go for body cleanser. These are basically supplements that are designed to cleanse your body within the shortest time possible. Using the right body detoxifying agent will get rid of the drugs from your body, and this means that you will test negative.

However, you need to buy the product from a reputable outlet just to make sure that you are not duped to purchasing the wrong product. Using the faulty product can really frustrate you on your big day, and that is the last thing anyone would want to experience. Therefore, do your due diligence before deciding on the right place to buy it.

Fake Urine

Another trick is using a reputable fake urine brand like Quick Fix 6.2. For you to succeed in using fake urine, you must play your cards well. For instance, you will have to ensure that your urine is indistinguishable from the natural one. This is if you are going to make yours. If you choose to buy, then you have nothing to worry about because professionals do the job.

Using fake urine comes with its set of challenges. You will have to ensure that the urine remains at the body temperature to prevent the technician from raising eyebrows. If the people doing the test are very strict, they might send someone to accompany you to the washroom. Here, you will have to outwit them by using the right devices that are specifically designed for such moments.

Urine Drug Test Facts That Will Shock You

Getting to understand these facts will help you to come out of your test a happy person. Equip yourself with the following drug test facts.

You Can Get Instant Results

A urine drug test can return the result the same day. This is regardless of the number of substances that are being tested. The fact that urine test gives an instant result is what actually makes it more popular to employers. Most employers do not have a lot of time to wait for results, and that is why they consider this a huge asset.

They are Easy to Cheat

Even though most employers know the aspect of some of the leading synthetic urine kits and all the other tricks used to cheat in the urine test, people still get away with it. Those who try to drink a lot of water to flush out the substances are the ones in the receiving end. There are better ways of cheating a drug test that are hard for employers to detect.

Only One Urine Drug Test that All Employers Use

If your friend told you that they were able to cheat a urine drug test, don’t think that the method that was used was different. All employers use the same urine drug test. What differs is the measures that they put in place to make sure that potential employees do not cheat.

Urine Samples go up to one Week Back

One would easily be convinced that by urinating several times a day can eliminate the drug substances from your body. While that makes sense, it is not true. This is because drug substances can stay in the human body for a long period.

The Accuracy and Reliability

The accuracy of a urine drug test depends on various factors. One of those factors is strictness. If you are an employer and you want to get accurate results, then you must ensure that you close all loopholes for cheating. The employee going through the test should be escorted to the washroom just to make sure that they do not use fake urine.


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