UPass Synthetic Urine Review – Find Out If It Really Works?

So you’re just plugging away at work, managing both your professional life and a harmless weed habit, and making sure that those two worlds never meet. But life is never fair, and soon enough you’re going to come into contact with a random drug test. 

Even if you’ve been making sure that your habit doesn’t impact your work life, companies will still feel the need to check that you’re on the straight and narrow. But don’t worry. There is a solution to every problem!

Introducing: Synthetic Urine.

When you’re up against a urinalysis, there’s always the option of fake pee. There are a lot of fake pee brands out there, and it can be hard to tell which ones work best. That’s why we examine them for you, so you can choose a brand with confidence. In this article, we’ll be looking at UPass synthetic urine, and we’ll see how well it holds up.

So What Is It?

upass synthetic urineUPass is a synthetic urine product created by Safeguard Laboratories. It’s undergone several changes since its initial formulation and is currently at version 8.4. It’s intended for research purposes and novelty use only (wink wink). The boxes of version 8.3 and previous version numbers all labeled it as synthetic urine; as of version 8.4, it’s changed to fetish urine.

That’s what’s on the box, but come on, a name like ‘UPass’, we all know what it’s really for!

It’s been around since around 2010, and it’s made quite the reputation since then. It’s also cheap, averaging at around 20 to 30 dollars, quite a bit more affordable than most other fake urine brands on the market.


So you’ve got a box of UPass in front of you. Open it up, and what do you have? It’s the standard fake urine kit:

  • A 3oz bottle of UPass synthetic urine,
  • A temperature strip,
  • A heating pad,
  • A rubber band,
  • An instruction sheet.

Pretty much every brand of synthetic urine comes out with a similar set of components, and there are no surprises in this kit.

How Do I Use It?

It’s quite simple. UPass is a pre-mixed formula, so it comes ready in the bottle. All you need to do to prepare the urine is to put the bottle in the microwave for ten seconds. Once it’s properly heated, secure the heating pad to the bottle using the rubber band to make sure it stays at the correct temperature. Then secure it close to your body.

lab tests urinalysisThis serves two purposes: it conceals the bottle from any unfriendly eyes, and it helps keep the urine warm. If you’re a man, down your underwear does fine, as long as you’re sure it won’t fall out. For women, the same will do, or you can also stick it into your bra. The inner thigh also works for both sexes, and there are leg straps you can buy for just that purpose.

The correct temperature is a range of 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because urine comes from your body, and has to have a temperature close to it. Outside that range, your sample is almost certain to be rejected, and a sharp lab tech will reject a sample immediately if they can tell it doesn’t have the correct temperature.

After that, it should be simple enough. You’ll arrive at the testing facility and will be asked for your sample. Once you’re away from their eyes, just take the bottle out, give it a little shake to make it froth up a bit, then pour into the sample cup. Present the cup to the techs, and then be on your way.


How Well Does It Perform?

We know what’s in it and how to use it.

Most Upass reviews you’ll find are positive ones, all telling of passes. Normally this would be good news, but most of these pass reports are from years ago: 2015 or even earlier, and usually using previous version numbers. In recent years, reviews are a lot more mixed.

What went wrong?

A version number does not guarantee any recent updates. UPass has been version 8.4 since around 2016, which means the labs have had three years to get ahead of it. This should be enough to put you off, but here’s another thing to consider.

The labs are wise to the tricks people play to get around their tests. They know people will be trying to fake them out, so they’re not just looking for the markers that make up human urine. They’re also looking for some telltale signs that may indicate fake urine. Some labs have already identified some markers that only occur in fake urine.

UPass itself has a nemesis of its own: Labcorp. Labcorp urine tests specifically look for the presence of biocides, a type of preservative intended to protect its product from biological infestation and growth.

Your urine contains no biocides since your body isn’t concerned with such things. UPass, in its concern of staying usable, uses biocides as preservatives.

This means that we can no longer recommend UPass for passing a drug test. It can’t reliably remain undetected, which makes it a high-risk course if you wish to use it to fake out workplace drug screening. One user even had a test result that returned traces of heroin, when he’d only been using marijuana; he would have been better off simply using his own urine and explaining the weed than trying to explain the heroin he wasn’t taking.

So if UPass doesn’t work, what does? Our best-recommended alternative is Quick Fix 6.2. It’s only a few dollars more expensive, but there’s a world of difference in quality. Quick Fix doesn’t incorporate the same preservatives that UPass does, and its latest version is more recent. It still maintains its near-unblemished pass record, as just about the only way to fail with Quick Fix is if you don’t follow the instructions.


Wrapping It All Up

UPass may have been the cheap-but-good option back in 2015, but it hasn’t been updated in over three years. That lack of an update has singularly doomed it since the labs have gotten much better at detecting fake urine. If you’re getting it for any purpose other than to pass a drug test, by all means, buy it and have fun with your exploits.

But if you’re staking your job on clearing a drug test using UPass, we emphatically advise that you don’t. The odds are too heavily stacked against you. Is your job really worth ten dollars?

It’s better to shell out the extra cash for Quick Fix. It’s more than worth it, and you have much better chances of getting a pass. With your job on the line, there’s no point in buying something that isn’t guaranteed to pass. With a few dollars more, you’ll have peace of mind and assurance of quality.

However, if you want a product with a 99.9% approval rate, then try Quick Fix Plus.

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