Test Clear’s Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit Review

Test clear powdered urine is on the market with various claims to its effective performance in helping drug users pass their sudden urine tests at work. The manufacturers say that the urine is not in any way synthetic so categorically. There is a big difference between these brands of fake pee to the pre-mixed synthetic alternative on the market.

In its powdered form, it gives the contents a little bit more shelf life than the liquid fake pee alternatives available. You also get a chance to prepare your urine sample following the given instructions included in the Test Clear kit.

In this review, you will get helpful information describing what Test Clear fake urine is and how to use it to pass scheduled urine tests properly.

What is Test Clear powdered urine?

test clear review powdered urineTest clear is an effective alternative that helps counter any stressful moments. You can use it when you discover that you have a scheduled urine test and you are not certain if you will pass it because you have not been clean. A failed urine test has many negative effects on your life. While the risks of losing your job are forthcoming, your reputation may also be ruined for good. It’s quite evident that what you need to do is get alternatives that will raise your chances of getting negative urine test results.

Powdered urine like Test Clear is one with basically most of the contents in fresh human pee but this time in their powdered foam. During preparation, all you have to do is add just enough water in the pre-mixed powder, shake it and heat it to the stated temperature.

The powder in Test Clear kit is enough to reuse; all you have to do is be accurate at measuring just enough powder for the desired fake urine sample.

What does the Test Clear kit contain?

The Test Clear powdered urine does have an unpleasant smell that’s why it is stored in a protected vial. At the point of purchase, buyers should ensure that none of the vials come in a tampered seal. The complete kit contains:

  • Powdered urine contained in one vial
  • A 50 ml medical vial for transporting the urine sample. This vial has a blue lid
  • Temperature strip attached to the 50 ml medical transport vial
  • Air activated heaters (2) in number within the plastic package inside the kit

Test Clear complete kit is manufactured and packed for the purpose of discrete and unsupervised urine sample harvesting. The reviews coming from various Test Clear users have testified to this urine’s effective use. It is mandatory that the powdered sample is prepared in the right way. That is necessary to avoid any irregular discrepancies that may result in a failed test.

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Organic and Inorganic composition

You may be alarmed at the term, powdered urine. The truth is this powdered urine is in every way natural pee that contains all the components in fresh human pee.

The powder smells a lot like fresh human urine and also when mixed with water, the liquid formula has a yellowish appearance. What is contained in the powdered urine is basically most of the chemical composition in fresh human pee. These are the vital inorganic and organic constituents in Test Clear:

  • Ureaurine test
  • Sodium
  • Creatinine
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Dissolved ions

Water is also part of urine but in the preparation process. It is mixed at a later time some 50 plus minutes before harvesting. The powder formulation can be reused more than once just ensure that none of it comes into contact with water.

Any stored Test Clear urine powder should be kept within cool temperatures. Only the prepared solution should be warmed and handed to the proctor as a urine sample suitable for a urine test.

How much does the Test Clear kit cost?

When we talk about cost, we are basically not thinking of how much $$ one will spend. Rather, how much value you will receive for your investment. It’s a shame if you should land on a fake Test Clear review kit that probably costs the same as the original or even twice as much.

For this purpose alone, it is a good reason that you first search the web for genuine Test Clear kit sellers before proceeding to pay. A single Test Clear kit costs a favorable $43.95; this price is quite high, higher than the various synthetic liquid urine brands available on the market.

Making a price comparison, Test Clear kits cost twice as much since a good synthetic urine kit may cost something close to $29. Online, you will come across various retailers; we don’t discredit their products. However, for the sake of fighting counterfeits and protecting your investment, the best place to purchase is from Test Clear official distributor.

Test Clear Kit: Directions of use

  1. Pour the pre-mixed powdered or dehydrated urine contained in the small vial into the bigger medical transport vial.
  2. Carefully fill the bottle with water until full. Cover with its blue lid and shake the contents until the powdered urine dissolves into the water.
  3. Open the two air-activated heaters contained in the plastic package and stick the big vial onto is back adjacent to the temperature strip.
  4. Allow the mixture to warm and hand in your urine sample after it has attained the desired temperatures.

The complementary products are available in the kit such as vials, extra warmers and thermometer strip. They aid in the accurate preparation of Test Clear powdered urine. Thus, you can present a sample much similar to human pee in appearance and constitution.


As we conclude this Test Clear review, it is vital to note that powdered urine for passing unsupervised urine tests is a better option than the liquid fake urine. Again, we emphasize that this powder contains every component in fresh human pee, and it can be reused.

Test Clear powdered urine kit is manufactured to assure you negative urine test results. Its preparation is easy. All you have to do is follow the instructions available in the kit, and you are good to go.

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