An Honest Review of P-Sure Synthetic Urine 2021

A perfect case scenario that allows P-sure to be your last minute go-to option is one that may come to play when there is a random urine test that you need to do, and you can’t get over an annoying hangover from last weekend.

You may have been to one of those parties where there’s so much to drink, smoke, and get wasted. The atmosphere is the perfect illusion of heaven, the music excites you, and the company feels like you are at complete peace with the angels.

Yes, this is one reason why you need P-sure pre-mixed synthetic urine in your pocket at all times. The pressure of failing a urine test can have devastating results on your general well-being since you may take a random urine test and lose your job, contract, or even a chance at getting hired. There have also been records where people have permanently lost their professional reputation and careers due to failed urine tests.

stressed person because of urine drug testArguably, a slim chance at survival in such precarious situations would be to only trust a reliable, fast-acting synthetic urine kit. You can opt for a proper detox that gets you clean and reduces your chances of getting a positive urine test. However, if you think of the week-long routines that you must adhere to, your best bet would be to get an instant’ detox.’ Partygoers can benefit most from P-sure synthetic urine, which works best at imitating the real thing when properly mixed.

What is P-Sure Synthetic Urine?

P-sure synthetic urine is a urine alternative that can mimic your own urine and can be used during random urine tests. If you are a regular user or a heavy one for that matter, you can never trust your own pee since the drug levels in it may be overwhelming.

Natural detox mechanisms and synthetic detoxifiers may also help, but you can never really take your chances at this. In case of natural detox, it may be disadvantageous since some drug compounds take longer to come out of your system.

For synthetic ones, the neutralizing effect takes time, and if the drug traces are strong, your chances at a negative test grow slim. These are some of many reasons qualify P-sure as the only reliable means of getting a negative urine test.

Falling under the class of pre-mixed synthetic urine, P-sure is a genuine brand that is manufactured and packed with a temperature reading strip together with its warmer. P-sure has a slight-yellow tinge which allows it to mimic real urine.

Using this synthetic urine kit is easy, and all you have to do is warm it up in a microwave preferably six hours before the actual test. Once the sample is warmed, remember to check the temperature to ensure that it remains within the range common of fresh pee. As you wait for your turn to take the test, carry it discreetly and in a way that it still retains its warmth.

After you have done all this, what remains is to just get into the area reserved for urine sample harvesting, take your P-sure preparation place it in the harvesting vessel and confidently hand it over.

What are the Contents in P-Sure?

P-sure is synthetic urine; however, it is manufactured using chemical contents and proteins that are naturally present in human pee. Some of these contents are uric acid, proteins, and salts such as sodium chloride, albumin powder, creatinine, and sodium phosphate.

There have been questions concerning the level of uric acid used in P-sure. This concern shouldn’t be a reason for users to worry as this synthetic alternative is prepared with just the right amount of uric acid present in regular pee. In the body, uric acid is a by-product produced during the break down of purines. Its presence in synthetic urine is one marker that allows it to mimic human pee.

Can One Trust P-Sure for Negative Urine Test Results?

P-sure synthetic urine alternative is indeed fake pee, and no product that is manufactured to mimic its natural counterpart is flawless. The components in P-sure are mixed in a way that assures its users’ high chances at passing a urine test. However, they need to be extra careful and follow the instructions to avoid mishandling of synthetic urine preparation.

p-sure urine test containerThe temperature strip reading on the kit is critical, and you’ll need to keep an eye on it. Do not let the p-sure synthetic sample cool down or get too warm. If this should happen, test indicators will immediately mark it as fake pee, and you’ll have failed the urine test. Veterans know how to go about the do’s and don’ts. If you are new at using P-sure, my best advice is that you first get yourself a few kits for your trials and tests that’ll get you familiarized with the product.

An issue of concern would be the websites that try to sale P-sure kits, which are by all standards fake. New p-sure users, as well as regular users, are advised to be extra careful at all times while making their purchases. Ensure that you buy a genuine P-sure Kit from a verified store.


Come to think of it, Urine tests are by all means damning, we don’t really love them, but one thing is for sure, we love our jobs and reputation. Since preparing yourself for a urine test is something we really don’t fancy, you can always stand guard with a P-sure synthetic urine kit at all times.

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