Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Review

Welcome guys again, this is a review of magnum detox synthetic urine. As noted in all our reviews, fake urine should be used for passing drug tests. We strongly believe that our private lifestyles should be left private.

If you are like me and love using drugs, then you need everything you can to pass drug tests. Drinking lots of water, will not work or trying most detox products available on the market. I want a surefire way, and that is using the best synthetic urine.

Magnum Detox, the company behind this synthetic urine, has been around for many years. If you have checked various forums and blogs, this product has been hyped a lot. So I went to the lab and did over ten drug tests to find out whether this product can be relied upon by my fellow stoners who are being screened for jobs.

Does magnum detox synthetic urine live up to the hype? Just like me, you must have been curious.

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Magnum Detox Review

Magnum detox urine is still quite popular on the market. They have an estimated market share of 6.5%. You can also get it from the local stores. Thus, if you require it urgently, you can easily get it. My studies revealed that most stoners do not trust store-bought synthetic urine.

The manufacturer argues that the product contains primary urine samples. When the components are combined, they make a fake pee that can pass drug tests. Using this kit is straightforward. The complete kit includes:

  • Uric acidmagnum detox urine
  • Rubber band
  • A heating pad

Once you open the uric acid, you can only use it within a week. Therefore, do not open or mix the uric acid when you do not need it. Ideally, drug tests look for the amount of uric acid in the pee and temperature. This is where the heating pad comes in to help you heat the fake pee to the desired temperature. Uric acid contains components that are found in urine such as urea, ammonia, and creatine. Thus, any synthetic urine must contain uric acid.

How to Use Magnum Detox


  1. Shake the bottle well before mixing or heating
  2. Heat the bottle in a microwave for around 8 seconds. Using the strip, check whether the temperature is between 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If it overheats, give it time to cool.
  3. After getting the desired temperature, shake it again. This is because some particles in the fake pee ought to dissolve.
  4. Heat the heating pad and then attach it to the bottle. The heating pad is designed to keep the fake urine warm for up to 8 hours.
  5. When you want to submit the sample, add uric acid and then shake the mixture.
  6. Submit the sample for a drug test

Is Passing Guaranteed?

Well, the manufacturer says that the product has a 400% guarantee. However, my results proved this otherwise. There is no pun intended, but out of my ten drug tests, only six passed. So for me, I can give it a 60% guarantee.

The manufacturer seems to have a large marketing budget, and this explains why it has pushed the product in the market. Unfortunately, this product may not live up to your expectation. This is the case if your job is at stake.

f you analyze the above user instructions, you will realize that the product does not imitate real urine. The good thing about it is that you can prepare it quite quickly. Within 20 seconds, you have your fake urine ready for testing. The following are some of the reasons magnum fake pee does not work:

  • Heating produces too much creatine. Advanced drug tests can discover this anomaly.
  • It is difficult to maintain the desired temperature
  • The expiration period of magnum detox urine is less than 10 days
  • There are a lot of fake magnum detox products sold in stores and on the web. If you really want to try this product, then you should check the official website.

When people fail to pass drug tests because of using synthetic urine, they tend to blame the product. However, it is possible that the user has missed a few steps or did not understand the instructions. When I did my research online, I realized that there are several reports of failed results. Not forgetting, my own tests had a success rate of 60%.

Magnum Detox for Sale

You can purchase magnum detox urine online. The package is 4oz that is ideal for multiple tests. However, you need to use it within a week.

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Ideally, Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine is fair. It is not the best product to buy if you want to pass the pee test desperately. This is because the combination of compounds it contains does not imitate real pee. And if it does, it does not match the required levels that are found in natural human urine. This product has failed several times.

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