Jobs that Require Drug Testing

There is nothing that feels good like securing your first job. The happiness that comes with such achievement will always make you feel like you are at the top of the world. One of the reasons why securing a job is always a big deal is the stiff competition among job seekers. Everyone is competing for the attention of the employer and this means that only the smartest survive and secures the job.

The drug test is one of the criteria that have been used to eliminate job seekers. Imagine having passed the interview and you are only remaining with the drug test and you do not make it? That can be very disappointing and that is why cheating during testing has become prevalent. Employees have devised several means to help them cheat during a drug test.

How is Drug Testing Done?

Whether you are in for a big job or you are just aspiring and you know that you and some drugs cannot be separated, knowing this can be very important. Companies test for drug using three types of specimen. That is the hair, urine, and oral fluid. Each of these specimens has both advantages and disadvantages.

Many employers prefer using urine because there are several benefits associated with using it. In fact, it is the only type of specimen that is permitted by the testing rules.
One of the benefits that employers enjoy when urine is used is that it offers them reliable results. Urine samples can be obtained immediately and the results are determined within the shortest time possible.

Jobs that Require Urine Test

Not all employers will demand that you go through a drug test before they can offer you a job. In fact, some of the employers do not care with you do the job under the influence or not. All they want to see are the tasks assigned to you completed and done in the right manner.

However, several industries require their employees to go through a regular drug test to ensure that they can do their work effectively. Some of those industries include;


If you are aspiring to work in the transportation industry, then you should be ready to go through a regular drug test. It makes sense because when working in the transportation industry, many lives will be depending on your sobriety to arrive safely at their destinations. The transportation industry entails trucking, aviation, railroads, mass transit, pipelines, and other essential transport related industries.


Working in the construction industry also requires one to be sober. This is because a construction site is always dangerous and this, therefore, means people working there should always be careful. Drug testing is one of the safety measures that is meant to ensure no one is hurt during the construction process.


Whether in the Olympics or at the collegiate level, athletes are required to go through a regular drug test. This is meant to ensure that athletes do not harm their health by abusing drugs and substances. It is also done to ensure that there is fair competition among all the employees. Some employees use drugs to boost their energy and these results in unfair competition.

Health Care

Healthcare industry deals with handling the people’s lives and this means that a lot of precautions need to be taken. Can you imagine being treated with a drunk doctor? The chances of you surviving becomes minimal and this is why if you are aspiring to work in the healthcare industry, you should be ready for a regular drug test.

Reasons for Drug Test

One might wonder why some industries have to spend an extra cent just to carry out a drug test. Well, the truth is that situations and circumstances sometimes compel even the industries that are keen to carry out drug test. However, there are several benefits that the industries get to enjoy when they carry out drug tests. Some of them are highlighted below.

Improved Safety

Life is the only thing that cannot be bought and this is why it is supposed to be protected by all means possible. The safety of the employee and the public at large is one of the most important reasons for implementing drug test in many industries. When people are under the influence of drugs and substances, they cannot reason normally. This can be a life-threatening phenomenon.

Save Money

The drug test can save money in any organization. Employees who do abuse substances will always ensure that they get to their workplace at the right time. This is essential as absenteeism is known to increase healthcare costs and at the same time reducing the productivity of organizations. While drug testing programs will cost money, the truth is that the impact will never be as same as failing to consider the drug tests.

Decrease Crime

Another reason why drug test is prevalent in many companies is that it helps to curb crimes. One might wonder how this happens. Well, when people use drugs in the workplace, they can become violent or even steal things from their workplaces. All these will result in making the environment at the workplace unbearable.

Increased Productivity

Every company wants to go to the next level and leave their competitors behind. This, however, is never forthcoming in an environment when drug and substance abuse is common. The abuse of drugs leads to employees not being able to concentrate on their work and the consequences of this are that the level of production goes down.

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