Dr. Green’s Agent X Review – Is It Worth the Hype?

Before we get into Dr Greens Agent X, we have to understand that failing a urine test due to drug usage can have severe consequences on your career and reputation. To many, the idea of urine tests are folly, and one may wonder why various companies go to extreme lengths as to intrude in their employees.

dr. green's agent x testOf course, they pretty well know that you can’t use any drugs or consume alcohol within the work premises so why the bother? Your off hours are yours to spend as you wish, so why do they keep following up on your private life with rapid urine tests? These questions in mind and many more are the reasons you need a ready alternative at all times. Again, switching your pee for another person’s is a risky venture; how sure are you that this person is as clean as he/she claims?

Dr. Green’s Agent X is, in fact, fake pee; however, its constitution is one that can save you some stress and depression. This product is synthetic urine that can readily mimic and replace human urine when prepared and used the right way. While the words sober and clean remain farfetched to many of us; no doubt passing a urine test is the only best bet at keeping your job and maintaining the cash flow.

What’s Dr. Green’s Agent X synthetic urine?

Dr. Green’s Agent X is a synthetic urine brand that’s been around for a while now. The formulation is packed in a 3oz bottle and can be used as a fake urine sample that will help you pass your urine test if prepared in the right manner. Synthetic urine has a decade worth of history, and Dr. Green’s is one genuine brand and can be trusted to combat various drug tests.

Alcohol and marijuana are some of the common drugs screened during urine tests. That is because they are common drugs which are readily available, accessible, and highly consumed. Dr. Green’s Agent X synthetic urine is available in two forms: a premixed pee solution and a powder-like fusion that can easily be prepared into a urine sample by mixing it with water.

Dr. Green’s Agent X synthetic urine kit contains 3 oz of synthetic urine in either of its forms, a temperature reading strip, 3.5-ounce bottle together with a heating component.

On its package, you can clearly read the words “a clean alternative” which gives it ground as a product that can be trusted to mimic human pee and a genuine alternative to getting negative urine tests.

Other words that are imprinted on the package are:

  • Completely sterile: which means that each 3 oz Dr. Green’s Agent X formulation is manufactured free from any living organisms or microorganisms.
  • Unisex: both sexes can use this particular synthetic urine brand. However, keep in mind that other brands only cater to a specific gender.
  • Fetish/novelty product: the manufacturer includes these words as a means of fighting any legal grounds that may disqualify the product as credible for human use.

How much does a 30z bottle of Dr. Green’s agent X cost?

If you compare Dr. Green’s Agent X to other synthetic urine brands, most claim asylum by insisting that you buy the products from verified stores and retailers. This product is one of the few that can be bought from various online stores and smoke shops without the worry of buying a fake kit.

The liability lies with its manufacturer, who seems to have taken the required steps to ensure that only their factory brands hit the market. It’s a good marketing and distribution strategy since users won’t face the hurdle of having to search through the internet for that specific kit that’s not counterfeit.

That said, a 3 oz Dr. Green’s Agent X kit can be purchased for as little as $29.95 with this price being exclusive of taxes and shipping fees. Going by the synthetic urine market, most users and critics claim that this is by far the cheapest and readily available synthetic urine alternative.

Does It Work?

dr. green agent x test labThis question can best be answered once we take a look at the demographics that reported to using Dr. Green’s Agent X synthetic urine alternative. On forums such as Board Cannabis, you can get a handful of reviews on various synthetic urine brands. One user by the name “Jagermadnes” has been very vocal on his interactions and experience with Dr. Green’s Agent X formulation. He reported negative test results on all his urine tests. However, he strongly emphasizes on the need of heating the synthetic urine sample to its required temperatures before handing it in.

Normal human pee is usually around 96 degrees F, and the fake pee sample also needs to be around this temperature range for it to pass a urine test.

“Goodwis” another user claimed that he always prepared his sample and kept it close to his body for it to maintain the required temperature. This is a wise step that users can use. However, if you have another alternative that can help maintain your sample’s temperature, then you can always use it.

Where can I buy Dr. Green’s Agent X, and how much does it cost?
As mentioned earlier, Dr. Green’s Agent X synthetic urine can be purchased from various smoke shops and online retail stores. This product ships worldwide and it will depend on the store from which you buy it, that’s if they offer international shipping services.

In America, Dr. Green’s Agent X is one common synthetic urine alternative and can be bought/ sold in specific states; however, shipping it may attract some high charges.


If you are looking for a synthetic urine alternative that’s common and pocket-friendly, Dr. Green’s Agent X is one choice that promises plenty of negative results. You can now fight the urine test phobia with this effective kit that’s easy to prepare and handle.

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