Nowadays, a lot of companies are insisting on both new and existing employees to pass certain drug tests. You should note that companies have the right to carry our routine drug tests. For instance, companies in security, education, and medical industries insist that their employees undergo drug testing.

Although this is good, the problem is when you fail the drug test. Maybe you are doing drugs, or you are using certain medications for different reasons. Fortunately, Certo detox method can help you detox your body ahead of the test. This method is helpful and foolproof. The technique involves using a product known as Sure Jell Certo.

Sure Jell Certo Detox Review

Certo is a fruit pectin, which is a type of fiber and polysaccharide that is found in various fruits such as apples. It is commonly used in making jams and jellies when it is added to the water. Usually, fibers attach to carbohydrates and cholesterol in the digestive tract and make them get expelled instead of being digested. Certo is now used as a method of detoxifying the body of weed and other toxins.

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How to Use Certo

sure jell certoJust like other ways of cheating drug tests, your success depends on following instructions to the latter. This is the procedure to follow:

  1. When you realize you have an upcoming drug test, stop using any substance that you are likely to get tested for. These include herbs such as kratom, foods like poppy seeds, and medications like methylphenidate. This is because they contain high levels of opiate.
  2. Purchase two packages of Certo from Amazon or Order Online.
  3. Put one package into the Gatorade
  4. Shake well until it full dissolves
  5. Drink all of it
  6. After this, drink a gallon of water. It is advisable to add a little salt to the water to prevent water intoxication as it can be life-threatening. This can be done for about 5 hours. Remember you have a maximum of 5 hours to test clean. Do not drink too much water fast.
  7. Urinate at least three times before you for the test. Remember that you want the cleanest urine to be tested.
  8. Take creatine or vitamin B supplement so that they do not detect that your urine is diluted
  9. To achieve the best results, you should carry out a home test before the day of the test itself

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Certo Ingredients

These are the ingredients that make Certo detox product:

  • Fruit Pectin – There is a lot of debate on how this fruit pectin works. Most explanations suggest that it can make toxins to flow out into it, which are then expelled through urination. It can also lower cholesterol levels.
  • Water – This is needed to dilute the urine
  • Lactic Acid – Helps in gelling. It can also be used as an energy source that is associated with muscle soreness.
  • Citric Acid – This is a natural molecule that boosts animal cell metabolism
  • Sodium benzoate – This is a common preservative and potential source of sodium. Remember that if you drink a lot of water, then you require more electrolytes. Therefore, Gatorade is the best drink in this case.

FAQ About Certo Detox

Does Certo Work?

This method for passing urine tests does not work. Also, it is not recommended for blood or saliva drug tests. Likewise, it will not work for the hair test.

Is Product Legal?

Most detox products are banned; this product is a food ingredient that is used as a thickener in making jams. Therefore, the method is not banned. You are free to drink jam thickener as you want.

How does it Work?

Certo method is said to worksby drawing THC out of the fat cells and then expelling it out of the body through urinating. Also, it lowers cholesterol, and thereby, reducing THC metabolites. The sugar contained in the Gatorade drink prevents fat burning for a few hours. Thus, the THC hiding in fat cells does not flow into the bloodstream. Moreover, a gallon of water that contains electrolytes is bound to have the same effect of dilution. To prevent dilution being detected, you need to take vitamin B and creatine.

How Can I Be Sure Certo Will Work?

You should try a few home tests before the day of testing. In fact, many proponents of this method claim that you can pass the urine test even if you smoked a few hours ago. Therefore, you need to time yourself well. I recommend that you do not take drugs at least 1 day before the test itself.


As noted, the method uses fruit pectin to pass a urine drug test. This method is fairly simple and possibly not effective. Follow instructions carefully and avoid water intoxication as it can be life-threatening. You can add some salt in this case.

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