These Are the Best Synthetic Urine Kits for Drug Test 2021

Before synthetic urine became a thing, people were doing some crazy things to try to cheat drug tests. Some old school methods were as basic and impulse-driven as watering down pee with colored water or eye drops, while some were a little more calculated, like going through the trouble of vetting and buying another person’s drug-free urine.

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Imagine resorting to either one of those solutions in 2021! Forget it! Thanks to science though, you won’t have to go through the same dilemma our beloved ancestral stoners put up with during those years. Thanks to science, we have the best synthetic urine.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is a chemical substance made specifically to mimic the properties and composition of real urine. It is typically found in liquid form, though it sometimes comes in a powder concentrate.

Historically, synthetic urea, the main component of synthetic urine, was made in 1828 by this chemist named Friedrich Wohler—by accident, we might add. During this era, we highly doubt random drug tests in the workplace were a thing, so records of his little science experiment only piqued the interest of a select few. Years later, we’ve now got companies left and right using Wohler’s findings to create a highly in-demand product. Lab testing is also evolving every day but thus far the best synthetic urine manufacturers have managed to stay two steps ahead of them.urine container

What Is Best Synthetic Urine Made Of?

Synthetic urine is typically made of a mixture of water with synthetic versions of naturally-occurring chemicals found in urine such as urea, creatinine, and most importantly, uric acid. There are also DIY recipes available online, some of which include in their ingredients list: albumin powder, table salt, sodium phosphate, and potassium chloride.

So How Does Synthetic Urine Work?

Synthetic urine is lab-made and formulated so that it passes off as real human urine during scientific testing. Every ingredient is crucial to making synthetic urine look, smell, feel, and test like it’s the real deal. When labs test urine samples for drugs, the most important factors they check for include the color, temperature, pH level, uric acid, and creatinine level.

A lot of synthetic urine brands may have got the color part down, but on other factors, they tend to miss the mark. Yep, it’s true—some synthetic urine brands aren’t formulated for drug tests. If you’re looking for a fake pee brand to help you pass a drug test, it’s important to look for a trusted one that wasn’t just made for the sake of novelty but is also a dupe for real, clean urine.

Top 3 Best Synthetic Urine 2021 Brands Available Today

Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine

quick fix synthetic urine
Quick Fix is the best synthetic urine. Easy to use – 99.99% success rate.

Quick Fix Plus is highly regarded as the go-to brand for synthetic urine to help you pass a drug test. What separates it from other brands isn’t just that. As products like synthetic urine get a lot more sophisticated with their formulas, so do the methods for drug testing.

Another thing that makes Quick Fix Synthetic urine different from other fake pee brands out there is that they’re constantly improving their own formulas so that they’re one step ahead of every drug test out there. Talk about dedication to innovation! Quick Fix is currently on their 6.2 formulation with a 99.99% success rate (when used correctly).

Quick Fix Plus comes pre-mixed and ready to use in 2-ounce bottles. A plus version includes a bigger bottle that holds 3 ounces. Quick fix also offers different gadgets you can use so you can take your drug test with synthetic urine discreetly. You can choose between three: the stash leg strap, a pair of stash undies, and the synthetic urine belt.

Whatever reason you may have for using fake urine though, Quick Fix Plus isn’t just one of the top, but it’s THE best, and all the reviews say so. If you need a product that’s reliable and will guarantee you passing a drug test without a hitch, Quick Fix Plus is definitely the way to go.


Monkey Whizz

a packet of monkey whizz synthetic urineThis synthetic urine is gaining a lot of popularity in the synthetic business. You may be surprised that you can get such high-quality, effective fake urine at such a low price. Most users have give Monkey Whizz good feedback terming it a safe and reliable fake pee to use. In fact, it has the same smell, color, and chemical composition as human pee. For supervised tests, you should try Monkey Dong, which is produced by the same manufacturer.


Clear Choice Sub Solution

Clear Choice sub-solution has been around for many years, establishing itself as one of the best synthetic urine brands on the market. The reason for the increased popularity of this fake urine is because it is simply good. It is one of the easiest to use. For instance, heating it up is not a hassle. The package contains a heat activator that gets the urine up to right temperature within a few seconds. It looks, bubbles, and smells like real urine.

UPass Fake Urine

upass synthetic urineUPass Synthetic Urine is made by Safeguard for calibrating urinalysis equipment. With that, you are sure the brand works. Although many people say they have passed urine tests using it, some have not been successful with it. The product is cheaper as compared to other brands, but it may not be worth the risk.

Xstream Synthetic Urine

This fake urine contains all ingredients that make up urine. It contains uric acid, creatinine, amino acids, balanced pH, and protein. When shaken, it foams like fake pee and smells like it. The fact that this product is meant mainly for fetish use should worry you. It is not meant for passing drug tests, so you should avoid using it.

Powdered vs Liquid Synthetic Urine: Does It Matter?

Besides the obvious liquid/powdered difference between the two, the powdered urine is actually just real urine that’s been dehydrated.

One drawback to using powdered synthetic urine is that it requires a longer preparation process compared to already liquid synthetic urine. Unlike the liquid synthetic urine which is practically ready-to-use, powdered synthetic urine still needs to be dissolved in warm water. Depending on the brand, sometimes sediments may even form in the bottom which defeats the purpose of using fake pee if you’re trying to pass it off as real. Those sediments could be a dead giveaway that you’re trying to cheat your drug test.

What’s the Deal With Urine Additives?

Somewhere in the niche market of fake urine exists urine additives made specifically to be added to your own urine to alter its chemical reading. Urine additives are made to be mixed in with your own sample so that they cancel out or get rid of any toxins and traces of drugs. Think of it as kind of like adding a tab of aspirin or an effervescent in water.

Do Urine Additives Work Better?

The advantage of using urine additives is they don’t necessarily require a lot of preparation to use. You simply need to add the chemical into your own urine sample and that’s it. A lot of urine additives though are tricky, since they only work for certain types and methods of urine tests. Unless you know the exact type of test being done to your urine sample, it can be a little confusing to match with the most effective additive. Urine additives are definitely simple enough to use, but they’re not a hundred percent reliable.

How Can You Tell If You’re Getting the Best Synthetic Urine?

When shopping around for fake pee consider these four things so that you can make sure you’re getting the right brand for your needs:

  • Supplier or seller

Make sure you’re purchasing your fake pee from an official retailer or better yet, straight from the source. A lot of fake pee can be easily purchased at adult novelty shops, and even resellers or cannabis culture websites. Although these may be convenient channels for purchasing, there’s too much potential for tampering. 

To be on the safe side, it’s advisable to buy the best synthetic urine straight from the source. For example, Quick Fix is made by a company called Spectrum labs and sells their products on their own website. The great thing about Quick Fix is they have a batch verifier on their site so that if you happen to purchase one of their products from somewhere else, you’re still able to check whether your synthetic urine is good or not.

  • Formula 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing fake urine is not reading the ingredients list carefully enough. If you’re going to be using synthetic urine for a drug test, you need to absolutely make sure that the formula includes synthetic urea and synthetic uric acid. No matter how close your new purchase may look and smell like pee, if these two aren’t present in your sample, there’s no way it’s passing a lab test.

Labs have also started testing for the presence of the chemicals nitrite, glutaraldehyde, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide in urine as those are known to help break down any presence of toxins or traces of drugs. Although more commonly found in urine additives, best to double-check and make sure wherever you’re getting your synthetic urine from, none of these are on the ingredients list. If any of these are found in your sample, the lab will know you’re handing in a tampered sample.

  • Shelf life

Really good quality unopened synthetic urine has a shelf life of up to two, sometimes even three years, depending on storage, plus the manufacturer and formula. Cheaper brands of synthetic urine have formulas that are only good for a few months, and unless you’re buying those straight from the source, chances are you might just be stuck with a batch that’s no good at all. 

  • Heating method

A good brand of synthetic urine will have an easy, reliable method for heating and reheating. Some brands will usually advise microwaving synthetic urine, others come packaged with a hand warmer, and some require a heating agent that you mix in with the urine to get it to warm up. One of the safest and most effective ways to heat synthetic urine is using a hand warmer, as it’s pretty close to body temperature and doesn’t run the risk of potentially burning your thigh while you’re smuggling it into the restroom.

How Can You Use the Best Fake Urine to Cheat a Drug Test?

urine testMost drug test centers are super stringent and keep a good eye on you while you’re peeing in that cup. That’s why some synthetic urine brands offer kits to fully equip you with the whole process of taking a drug test without anyone knowing you’re cheating.

Synthetic urine brands like Quick Fix offer kits that include a heating pad to keep your pee at the correct temperature, and a tube that you can wear along your legs or wherever on your body so that you can easily unload without suspicion. If you’re not a fan of the tube, Quick Fix also offers two other options: a pair of undies you can stash fake pee in, and a belt that you can wear around your waist.

Why Not Use Someone Else’s Urine to Pass a Drug Test?

Using someone else’s clean urine used to be one of the go-to ways to cheat a drug test. The thing about that is, whatever could be wrong with that person as tested on their pee, would be associated with you. You can’t be 100% sure they didn’t take a codeine painkiller for a cold a week ago and have set you up to test positive for opiates.

Another reason why people hate going down this route is, well, ew! It’s someone else’s pee! Not to judge anyone with a golden shower fetish, but read enough mishaps online about people trying to use someone else’s urine for a drug test and you’ll be turned off by the idea too. A preview of what you’ll find down that rabbit hole includes a popular story about this lady who tried to use a stranger’s drug-free pee by putting it in a plastic baggie hidden in her bra and, well… long story short, halfway into her drug test, her shirt was soaking wet…with a stranger’s piss.

What Else is Synthetic Urine Used For?

1. Scientific Research and Product Testing

Not everyone who seeks out the best synthetic urine is up to something shady. In fact, scientists and researchers are one of the biggest markets for synthetic urine as it’s a cleaner, more reliable, and safer alternative to real urine. Synthetic urine is used for numerous product tests for everyday things like laundry detergent, carpet cleaning solution, and diapers, to name a few. Synthetic urine was also a huge help to astronauts in the International Space Station, as it helped develop water filtration systems that turn urine into usable water.

2. Pranks

If you’re a bit of a prankster or sadly, the victim of one, you’ll be thankful for synthetic pee. For comedic or friendly sibling rivalry operations, fake pee comes in to save the day! Like think about any prank involving pee, and gauge your reaction on finding out it’s your big brother’s pee versus finding out it’s fake pee. Not sure about you guys, but we’re team fake pee all the way!

3. Fetishes

The technical term for urine fetish is urophilia. This fetish involves either partner getting pleasure from peeing on or getting peed on. Although a popular PornHub search, “piss-play” as the industry coins it, can be risky and a serious health hazard. Using synthetic urine rather than real urine lowers the risk of transmitting infectious, viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases like HIV, herpes, hepatitis, and dermatitis. If you’re going to get kinky, might as well add every safety precaution you can so you can keep it up for years to come.

4. Gardening And Animal Repellent

Any avid gardener will tell you that there’s no better animal repellent than urine. Two components in urine, nitrogen and phosphorus, are incredibly beneficial as a garden fertilizer. As a repeller, animals are incredibly territorial, so the smell of pee that isn’t theirs translates to them being in someone else’s territory. When they can sense that, they’ll totally back off and leave your garden alone.

This is why synthetic urine is such a huge help for gardeners—not only does it help their crops grow, it also keeps them safe from being scavenged by animals. Synthetic urine is also just a practical option as opposed to just pissing all over your veggie crops. Not the prettiest or most appetizing sight to see.

5. Urine Therapy

Although not recommended, urine therapy or urotherapy is an alternative medicine method involving drinking and bathing in the urine. This practice goes back to ancient Egypt and as time went on, urotherapy started to have some true believers. There was even a point in time when doctors were diagnosing diabetes by how urine tasted. Many who practice it use urine to treat almost every possible ailment from acne to cancer and truly believed that it has some major healing powers.

So you could say that a small portion of fake pee consumers are treating this thing like water or juice. Using real pee for urotherapy definitely does more damage than harm because it stresses out the kidneys and introduces bacteria into the body. Still, for those who really want to give this method a try, synthetic urine seems to be the safest option.

6. Lab Equipment Testing

One of the earlier uses for best synthetic urine was actually for calibrating urinalysis lab equipment and tests. Even today, synthetic urine is still used to test whether or not a machine is working well. Because the urine is synthetic and lab-made, scientists can alter the formula to test for specific things in their machine. In cases like these where it’s too risky to rely on real urine which could carry diseases and vary in quality, using its synthetic version makes for more concrete findings. 

Is Synthetic Pee Legal?

Purchasing synthetic urine is some states is illegal. In fact, if you’ve tried to purchase synthetic urine online, you’ll find a long disclaimer in their shipping policy about where they can and can’t deliver their product to.

In Indiana and New Hampshire, synthetic urine “for the purposes of subverting drug tests” is illegal, which asks more questions than it answers because it also implies that synthetic urine for other purposes is allowed but does not delve into specifics about how to regulate that. Currently, Utah is one of the newest states to have passed a bill to criminalize synthetic urine for drug testing.

The commercial manufacturing of synthetic urine is something that’s still pretty new in the United States market, so legally, it’s all one huge gray area. This is why many fake pee brands go the gimmick route for their marketing to sort of steer clear of any drug-cheating relations. Fake pee is still easily available, wherever there are sex shops or adult novelty stores, even a few gardening suppliers will sell synthetic urine.

To be on the safe side, make sure you’re using synthetic urine discreetly and that you post about it carefully and anonymously. Maybe synthetic urine helped you land that dream job, but there’s no need to shout it from the rooftops or in every public forum where it can be linked to your twitter page.

FAQs About Synthetic Urine

Can you mix it with your own urine?

If you’re using synthetic urine for drug tests, then technically you can, but you’d be ruining a perfectly good sample. Say you didn’t have enough fake pee for a sample. You think, “what’s the harm in adding just a little bit of your own urine to it”? Well, the harm is that you’re basically just handing in your own maybe not-so-clean urine, and even though maybe most of what was in your cup was synthetic, even just a little bit of your own can mess up the reading.

How long does the best synthetic urine last?

The shelf life of unopened synthetic urine is typically a year or two, given it’s been stored in proper conditions. Even a bottle of synthetic urine that’s already been opened can last that long as long it’s stored right.

How do you store synthetic urine?

Unopened, you can store synthetic urine in a cool to room temperature area away from sunlight and heat. For opened samples, you can store them in the fridge, but just make sure to label it correctly and with the date of when it was last opened so it’s easy to track how long you’ve had it. Quick Fix can conveniently be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

Some also suggest freezing the best synthetic urine if you know it’s going to be a while before you need to use it again. The trouble with freezing synthetic urine though is you have to take the time to defrost it, which could be a terrible inconvenience if you’re needing to use it soon. Freezing also isn’t recommended by some brands because it can alter the chemical structure of their product. To double-check, thoroughly read on the brand’s storage specifications.

How long does it take to detox from drugs? Like, do I really need to resort to using fake urine?

Most drugs are no longer detectable in your urine after a week, but depending on what kind of drug you’re taking and how frequent you’re taking it, they can still be detected in your urine from anywhere up to two months. For cannabis, it can be detected in your urine anywhere from a week to a month since you last used it. 

Whether you’re a frequent user or just have terrible timing, detoxing could seem like a good solution, but you’ll still be dealing with the anxiety of whether or not you’re actually clean. Using synthetic urine is one of the least stressful, most reliable ways to help you pass a drug test. If you’re having to guess whether you’re clean or not, better to stay safe and just go with using synthetic urine.

How do drug tests work?

There are two types of drug tests: the immunoassay test and the Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) test.

The immunoassay test uses antibodies to detect drugs in urine. This is a fast and inexpensive test, usually for screening any presence of cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and cannabis, though it can’t give any specific amount of how much is found in the urine. The immunoassay test only gives two results: positive or negative. In contrast, the GC-MS test can detect specific drugs and quantities in urine.

Another form of drug testing that’s becoming more popular involves submitting samples of your hair follicles. Hair follicle drug tests can detect drugs up to 90 days since the last use, though companies rarely use this form of testing as it can be expensive and not as definitive in terms of time, compared to a urine drug test.


Why Should You Consider Using the Best Fake Pee?

People have a lot more options now if they’re faced with the heart-racing anxiety of a drug test. Other than leading detox kits and pills, fake urine is one of the best, and probably the most reliable solution to passing a drug test if you know there’s absolutely no chance that you’ll be 100% clean sometime soon. It’s relatively easy to acquire, can be easy to smuggle in, and compared to other options, you’re less likely to be found out for using it.

On all accounts, it’s generally safer than using real urine. Whether it’s for product testing your new soap formula, indulging in a weekend golden shower, or to help you win the best pumpkin at the county fair, best synthetic urine poses no health hazard as opposed to real urine. Simply put: it does its damn job.


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