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The 3 Best Detox Drinks for Drug Test

The toughest part about looking for work is completing all the pre-employment requirements. One of the most invasive requirements, which is almost always part of the hiring process, is undergoing a drug test. Even with 11 states already legalizing marijuana, companies still insist on basing their hiring decisions on drug habits. It’s unfair to be judged based on this criteria, especially if you smoke for medical reasons, but sadly, that’s just how it is.

If you find yourself facing an upcoming drug test a few days after smoking up, don’t worry!

While it seems scary because your job is on the line, there are actually a lot of ways for you to pass your drug test. One method you can choose is synthetic urine. There are a lot of high-quality synthetic urine kits on the market that can help you pass your drug test.

The downside of synthetic urine is how risky it is. When you get caught, the consequences are too great and you’ll end up losing more than your job! A safer method you can use is a detox plan. It’s what I use whenever I need to take a drug test and it’s pretty damn reliable!

How Do Drug Tests Work?

When it comes to drug tests for employment, most companies prefer to use urine tests. It’s cheaper and simpler than other methods, not to mention that it also takes less time to finish. What it does is that it looks for drug metabolites in your system, some of which are:

  • alcohol
  • amphetamines
  • barbiturates
  • benzodiazepines
  • cocaine
  • marijuana
  • methamphetamine
  • opioids
  • phencyclidine (PCP)

With just a small sample of your urine, they can detect any traces of drugs in your system up to a week ago. However, urine tests are also known to show false-positive results so labs will almost always ask for a second test just to confirm your first results.

The Detoxification Process

how detox drink for drug test work?One thing you should remember about detox drinks is that they don’t actually flush out the toxins in your body. Instead, they cleanse out the drug metabolites in your bladder and hide it with minerals, vitamins and chemical compounds to make it look as close as possible to authentic urine. So, when they test your urine sample for drugs, it’ll show that you’re “clean” since your pee contains all the necessary minerals and acids to pass off as natural pee.

While your bladder may be clean, the rest of your body is not.  Your kidneys, liver, other internal organs, and blood may still contain heavy traces of drugs. After a few hours, the effects of the detox drink wear off and the drug metabolites will show up in your bladder again, making timing a very important factor in the detoxification process!

Fact or Fiction: Is There a Detox Drink for Every Drug?

Many brands out there claim to have specialized drinks that target specific drugs. Before you buy them, I’m telling you right now that they’re not real. There’s no such drink that can target just one drug in your body – that’s just impossible. It’s not like the minerals and vitamins in the drink enters your system and chooses what to flush out!

If you’ve ever gone through a detox or cleanse before, then you’d know that the first step is to stop taking any kind of toxin. This includes alcohol, coffee, process or excess sugar, and other similar substances that can be traced in a drug test. A detoxification process flushes out all of these things from your body, so it’s not really picky about what it wants to remove from your system!

The Best Detox Drinks on The Market

It’s tricky to find effective and trustworthy detox brands that can help you pass your drug test. There are a lot of detox brands out there and it can get overwhelming to find the right one. 

Luckily for you, I’ve made a list of the best brands that can help you pass your drug test. I’ve personally used these brands on my drug tests and I’ve always gotten good results, so if you want the same, read on!

#1. Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

Clear Choice Rescue CleanseOne of the most popular detox drinks is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse. It’s been around for years, making it one of the most reliable brands on the market. While most brands claim to have the best formula to pass a drug test, Clear Choice really means it – just look up its customer reviews online and you’ll see dozens of customers that swear by it! Not only that, they’ve also constantly updated and improved their formula over the years which is why they’ve been on the market for so long.

Using Rescue Cleanse is really simple – all you have to do is stop taking any drugs or toxins of any sort for at least 3 days and refrain from eating anything 4 hours before your drug test. After that, shake the bottle well before drinking it for around 15 minutes. In the next hour or so, make sure to pee a lot to help your body flush out all the toxins. 

That’s it! The effects of the drink should last for about 5 hours, so timing is a really important factor for you to consider. Rescue Cleanse is also pretty cheap for a detox drink (compared to other brands), selling at around $55 online.

#2. Mega Clean Cleansing Drink With Pre-Cleanse Pills

Mega Clean Cleansing DrinkAnother detox drink that made it to this list is Mega Clean’s Cleansing Drink, complete with Pre-Cleanse pills. Like Clear Choice, Mega Clean has been around for a long time. It’s popular among users mainly because it only takes 2 days to prepare, unlike most brands which require longer periods of time to work.

The only downside of this drink is that it needs the pills for it to work properly. I decided to try the drink with a home drug test without taking the pills and I failed. When I tried again for the second time, I took the pills with the drink and passed, so they’re a crucial step in the detoxification process.

Regarding the use of this cleansing drink, it’s pretty similar to Clear Choice’s drink, except with the addition of pre-cleanse pills. A day before your drug test, stop taking any drugs and take the pills four hours apart, drinking at least two glasses of water in between each pill to help your body’s cleansing process. On your exam day, drink Mega Clean at least 3 or 4 hours before you go in. After waiting for 15 minutes, refill the entire bottle with water and drink it straight. In the next hour or so, make sure you pee as much as you can to flush out the toxins from your body. After that, you’re ready for your drug test! 

Similar to Clear Choice, the effects of Mega Clean lasts for around 3 to 5 hours so you have to make sure you submit your pee sample within that time frame. Mega Clean is also pretty pricey for a detox drink, selling for around $70 online but I’d say it’s worth every penny!

#3. Quick Clear Detox Drink

quick clear detox drink for drug testWhile Quick Clear may not be a familiar name, you may have heard of the company’s other product Quick Fix, a high-quality synthetic urine product. Its company, Spectrum Labs, has been around for a while, just like the first two, and have established themselves as reliable brands on the market. Because of how well-known the Quick Fix synthetic urine happens to be, the detox drink is sometimes called “Quick Fix detox.” It can get confusing so just remember that Quick Clear and Quick Fix detox are just the same.

Just like Mega Clean, the Quick Clear Detox Drink comes with a set of pills as a supplement. The instructions for using it are pretty straightforward: you stop using drugs (every detoxification process starts with this step) for at least 2 days or more and then take the drink. There’s just a little tweak to it – you drink water first before you take the detox drink. On top of that, instead of drinking the pills before the detox drink, you take them with it.

To make it less confusing, here are the written instructions:

  • Stop taking drugs for at least 48 hours or more.
  • Drink 20oz of water.
  • After 20 minutes, take the Quick Clear detox drink along with the 8 supplement pills.
  • Wait for another 20 minutes, refill the bottle with water, and drink it all.
  • In the next hour or two, make sure you urinate as much as you can to clear your body of all the toxins in its system.

There are a significant amount of pills to take with the drink so it’s a little overwhelming but keep in mind that these are supposed to rapidly increase the process of detoxification. It’s also probably the cheapest detox drink you can find, selling for around $45 online, so if you’re short on cash, Quick Clear is the best option for you!

Where Can I Buy Detox Drinks?

There are a lot of detox drinks on the market that can help you pass your marijuana drug test. However, one thing you have to be very mindful of is the place where you buy the drinks from – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people get scammed with fake or expired products, so be careful!

If you look at places like Amazon and eBay, you’ll see tons of detox drinks that sell for less, but don’t be fooled! Most of the time, these drinks are already expired or are close to the expiration date, or even fake all together which is why they’re selling for such a low price. Buying from these places can make you fail your drug test so it’s best to avoid them at all costs.

What’s sad about this is that this not only affects the customer but the brand as well. Most people who don’t know any better end up buying these fake products, using them for their drug test, and get bad results. Because of that, they end up blaming the product and leave bad reviews, not realizing that they’ve bought a scam. This leaves people like you and me, who are looking for good detox drinks, misinformed if we ever read their reviews – it might even lead you to buying from the wrong brand!

The best place to buy authentic detox drinks from are reputable online resellers like TestClear and TestNegative. While general retail stores like Walmart and Walgreens do sell detox drinks, it’s pretty rare to find these brands in their stores, plus they mostly only have the drink itself, not the detox pills (check the best detox pill here). To stay on the safe side, I recommend websites like TestClear for any detox drink purchases.


When you find yourself facing an upcoming drug test, these brands are your best bet! I’ve personally never failed any drug test when I used these brands so I know that they’re legit stuff. If you follow the instructions down to the finest detail, then you won’t have anything to worry about come the day of your test. Just remember that before any official drug test, it’s best to buy a home drug test kit and try out these brands for yourself, just to stay on the safe side!

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